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Are you interested in singing? Would you like to develop your voice or learn new styles? Does singing cause excitement and shame? Do you want coaching for performing? Do not hesitate to contact!

All classes are currently held online in Zoom. Online lessons work great with a laptop or tablet. 

Prices August 1 2024

Individual 1x60minute Session / 50 €

Class Package 10x60minutes 450 €


Offer for new customers!

Trial Session 1x60min / 45 €

Cancellation policy:

Possible cancellations/transfers of the lessons as early as possible. The lesson can be transferred 24 hours before the agreed time free of charge. Lessons cancelled later will be charged 50% of the rate. A lesson that has not been cancelled in its entirety cannot be utilized at a later date. The price of the class will be charged in full.




Packages are valid for 6 months.


Prices until July 31 2024

Individual 1x60minute Session / 45 €

Class Package 10x60minutes 400 €


Offer for new customers!

Trial Session 1x60min / 40 €​

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