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I am a singer, songwriter and vocal teacher from Finland. I always strive for a strong presence in my artistic work as well as in teaching. Deep emotional expression is important for me, as music provides the tools to express what words can’t. I’m eager to explore the possibilities of the human voice. The human voice is a beautiful instrument and everybody has their own sound that can’t be copied!


I graduated as a Musician and have completed a Bachelor's Degree in Music Pedagogy and Social Sciences. In the Fall of 2022, I graduated from the University of Limerick, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, Ireland. I did my Master's Degree in Songwriting.  


As an artist, my major passion is to write and perform my own music. I started to write songs during High School because I had a need to put my thoughts and feelings somewhere. In Finnish, I have published an album with a rock band called Projektio and an EP and an album with a duo called jukra. Nowadays I write mostly in English and will publish my solo album soon.


I use several means in teaching as I have studied basic levels (1 and 2) from Estill Voice Training. My education and experience are based on Afro-American music such as rock, pop, folk and soul. For me, the style of music is not the most important thing, but the way that the music moves and touches me is. 


In my teaching, I face every client as an individual. Getting to know every client is important to me. My mission is to get people to sing in their everyday life. Many are ashamed of their singing or have physical or mental tension. As a vocal teacher, I have many tools to ease people’s singing challenges. The technique is one tool, but facing people and talking with them is another and maybe even more important tool. A human being is holistic so as a teacher I want to face people holistically.

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